Sharp IG-NX2 – Commercial Air Purifier

When the Air You Breath is Pure, Your Mind Remains More Active.

They say you are what you eat. But do you know, it’s equally true that you are what you breathe? You heard it right. That’s pure science. When the air is pure and free from pollutants, you will be breathing fresh air. And when you breathe fresh, you think fresh and your mental activity increases. Portable, efficient and lightweight, the IG-NX2E-B is a breath of fresh air that you can carry. It can easily be placed in your car, at home or at your office desk. It is laced with the Patented Plasmacluster Technology that releases positive and negative ions to make the air in your surrounding as natural as nature. If productivity comes in a box, this is it. It’s time to breathe light and work better with the Sharp IG-NX2E-B.


Model IG-NX2E-B
Power USB Cable
Rated Input DC 12V
Rated Output DC5V (Max. 2 A for 2 ports)
Operation Mode Turbo Med Low
Power Consumption 1.4 W 0.8 W 0.6 W
Ion density (approx.) 90,000 ions/cm3 50,000 ions/cm3 25,000 ions/cm3
Operating noise level 33 dB 25 dB 18 dB
Outer dimensions Upper: 78 mm/ Lower:65 mm/ Height: 165 mm
Weight Approx 295g (excluding accessories)
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